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If you have what you think classifies as a loft, attic space or flat roof then we’re almost sure you’re eligible to make the most of this 100% cost covered ECO scheme. It takes less than 1 minute to fill out our claim form and you’ll be well on your way to reaping the benefits of loft insulation.

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  3. Your internal wall insulation and/or loft insulation will be installed within 14 days.That’s it – you get a warmer home and lower bills

The Eco Providers work with local authorities and housing associations, private customers such as landlords, home owners, tenants and corporate clients.

Here at the Eco Providers we are room in roof insulation specialists with over 14 years of experience in end to end solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency in homes or domestic and commercial properties nationwide. We specialise and thrive in helping you reduce your properties energy consumption by installing the very latest insulation measures whilst tailor making them to complement your property, providing you with an energy efficient property.

We set the benchmark in insulation

The Eco Providers work alongside government bodies, energy suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that the best practices and values are offered, bringing all of our clients and customers the very best in bespoke energy saving measures.

We pride ourselves in bringing you and your property bespoke insulation measures, carried out to the highest standards and completed with the greatest attention to detail.

Why choose RiR or loft insulation

It has never been more important to think about insulating your property than now. Without proper or adequate insulation, up to a quarter of your total energy bill could be lost by heat escaping through your loft or roof, here at the Eco Providers we strive to help you save money on your energy bill by significantly reducing this problem by up to 90% and saving you up to £220 per year.

Many homes thought to be already insulated are found to be insulated with boards and materials measuring up to less than half the recommended thickness for them to be beneficial, so even if you think your home is already insulated, you could still save more!

If we insulated every home in the UK using the recommended insulation, as a whole we could save more than £700 million and almost 4 million tonnes of Co2 EVERY YEAR!

We are accredited

The Eco Providers are both accredited and Green Deal approved