General Statement / Policy

The health, safety and welfare of employees is of fundamental importance to the Company and its Directors and is essential to the efficient operation of its undertaking. The responsibility for safety at work rests upon all areas of management. The ECO Providers UK will ensure that this Policy is followed throughout the organisation. The ECO Providers UK will take all reasonably practicable precautions to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees by providing:
A safe working environment by the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all plant, equipment and facilities
Safe systems of work,
Adequate instruction, information, training and supervision
Control of all situations likely to cause damage to property and equipment
Effective facilities for the treatment of injuries which occur at work
Adequate means and facilities for consultation between management and employees.
The ECO Providers UK expects employees to conform to this Policy and to comply with the relevant sections of the “Health and Safety at Work Act 1974” and to exercise all reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts and omissions.

The ECO Providers UK appreciates the responsibilities it has to its employees and others who may be involved with the operations of the Company and gives its full support to this Policy and to the Company Safety Representative whose function is to monitor, operate and enforce it. The purpose of this Policy is, through proper implementation by all employees, to prevent injury, ill health and dangerous occurrences at work through the elimination of foreseeable risks and the establishment of safe systems of work and compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and all other relevant and subordinate legislation.

The allocation of duties for Health and Safety matters and the particular arrangements made to implement the Policy are set out within this document. The Policy will be kept up-to-date on a regular basis, particularly as the business changes in nature and size.

Environmental Policy

Construction, and its related activities, is essential to the maintenance and development of a healthy and prosperous society. Indeed much of the work we carry out has a direct impact on improving the environment and social conditions for communities. However, we recognise that our activities, and materials used, can have a detrimental effect in these areas.

The management of The ECO Providers UK recognise the environmental implications of their activities and are committed to ensuring that high operational standards are achieved, improved upon and maintained to ensure a high level of environmental care. We undertake to monitor and revise where necessary, all of our procedures and practices which affect the environment and will improve these procedures where required to prevent environmental damage and pollution.

The management will commit to:
(a) Comply with all relevant current environmental legislation and industry standards and will ensure that all staff and operatives are equally aware of the commitment.
(b) Promote environmental awareness, practices and procedures throughout operations and ensure that operatives and sub contractors are suitably trained in environmental issues where necessary.
(c) Arrange for all materials to be handled and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, to minimise environmental damage and pollution.
(d) Cause the impact of the Company’s operations on the environment, the local community and the general public to be controlled in such a manner that the short and long term effects are minimised.
(e) Promote and develop improved standards and methods of working, to ensure efficient use of construction materials and energy; and to minimise waste.
(f) Seek opportunities to reduce impact through the sourcing and procurement of materials and services.
(g) Accommodate customer environmental requirements and standards within established practices and procedures.
(h) Establish objectives and targets and track performance against these in order to drive continual improvement of environmental performance.

We all have a personal responsibility to maintain and improve the environment in which we live. The ECO Providers UK expects all of its personnel and partners to contribute to the fulfillment of this Environmental Policy.